Juniper Team

Meet part of the Juniperians who will be attending the event, each bringing expertise, enthusiasm, and the essence of Juniper’s values to the occasion.

Jaime Sastre

CEO of Juniper Group

Juan Mateos

CEO of Juniper Travel Technology

Lileana Guerra

Head of Juniper Cruises by IST

Roberto Bermúdez

Head / Director of Juniper Experiences by NexusTours

Camilo Pereira

Relationship Director & Head of Juniper Vervotech

Sanjay Ghare

CEO of Vervotech

Sergio Enjuto

Head of Technical Development

Joana Mª Bauzá

Head of Marketing

Miguel Ángel Hinojosa

Head of Sales

Maria del Mar Mayol

Head of Project Management

Sebastián Roca

Head of Support and Business Performance

Domenec García

Head of Product & Partners

Jeroni Navarrete

Head of Process and Planning

Francisco Expósito

Head of IT Systems

Toni Font

Creative Director

Erika Lunn

Revenue Director

Pilar Pozo

Demo Products Director

Javier Pérez

Director of Corporate IT Transformation

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